By:  Precious Agbabuwe  Ongoing
Language: English
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When two people are in love, they get married! Lillian marries Mark,they try to fight strong but can the marriage continue? What happens when the doctor tells her plight?

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50 Chapters
Love birds
     NO HARM   CHAPTER ONE(LOVE BIRDS)            "I made the right decision, with you,we can walk through Firestones and still look at the beautiful stars shine at night" Lillian stared at her handsome husband and gently left the bed,her sleepy husband mumbled something in his sleep. The morning fits the mood for the newly weds.         Mark woke up,he rolled sideways and squeezed his pillow while yawning,he jumped out of the bed and removed his white t-shirt. The door to the bathroom was open,he could see the nape of Lillian's neck,she did this on purpose to have a cool morning bathe with her husband. He entered the bathe tub with his left foot,checking if the water was warm and it was.   "Good morning sweets,why don't wash my back and I'll yours" Lillian gave a seductive wink and smile.     "You know its scractch my back and I'll s
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One teaspoon of love
NO HARMCHAPTER TWO(ONE TEASPOON OF LOVE)         It has been three weeks since Mark and Lillian tied the knot,they were still sharing nice memories. Eventhough they were both workers,they found time for each other. Lillian prepared fried sweet potatoes and eggs, she was waiting for Mark to return so they could have dinner together, it was getting late and Mark still hasn't returned from work. She decided to wait for him while watching a series on TV.     After an hour,the door opened and Mark walked in, looking tired."Hey sweets,sorry I'm late,work was hectic". He knew she wouldn't ask him why he was late but he felt he needed to explain to her. She didn't say anything, just walked to him,took his briefcase, removed his tie and told him he should have called her though. He told her his mom called and invited them for dinner the next day.       .    At the evening dinn
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CHAPTER THREE(shackles)      Lillian was cooking in the kitchen when Mark walked in,he took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and poured water in a glass,he didn't drink the water,he placed it on top of the table at the centre of the kitchen.       "What are we going to do on our second wedding anniversary? Candlelight dinner or a small night party?". He asked Lillian. Their second wedding anniversary was just around the corner,Mark noticed his wife has been lost in her thoughts recently.          " none,let's just live it like every normal day.  Lillian have been too busy thinking about babies,at first she didn't want to rush but now it has been two years and she haven't even had a miscarriage. What is nice but is annoying to her is that her husband doesn't even pressure her for children.         "Sweets,what's wrong? you've been acting too moody these days,we
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Sinking Alone
CHAPTER FOUR(SINKING ALONE)      Lillian sat on the couch in Jemima's house, she carried the baby. She was curious,she wanted to know how Jemima found out that she couldn't have a baby.      " I didn't tell anyone that I was going to see a doctor, how did you know that I can't have a baby? Lillian played with the baby while talking.           "My sister in law told me that she saw you at the hospital,she was concerned, so she asked me if you are sick. I would have visited you if you didn't come today. But you came and you look healthy. When you looked at my baby and you cried, I knew you were worried so I made a dangerous guess and I was right". Jemima sat close to Lillian and held one of her hands.                " The doctor said I can't have a baby,that if I get pregnant, the baby will die,he said my womb is too fragile " Lillian said as she walked to dr
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Mending challenges
Mending challenges   LILLIAN      I remember my childhood days,an average family, fighting strong could be used to define my family then. There were times when it was just too hard and my mom would cry all night,she would pray to God from mid night to morning. She was a single mom trying to save her kids from this harsh world. I was very angry while growing up,I didn't have a dad,he died when I was four years old. I let the fact that I didn't have a father border me,"things would have been better if we had one".         My mom tried her best playing dual roles,it wasn't easy taking care of three children single handedly. My younger sister always said she wanted to be like mom. I thought life was so unfair to us,at some point, I was so ungrateful. One day while coming back from church, I saw my classmate and her family being thrown out of  their house,I remember how the landlord locked the door and
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The insider
CHAPTER FIVE( THE INSIDER)           A young man in his mid twenties entered a nice restaurant,it was obvious that he was searching for someone as he looked at every corner of the restaurant. One young lady waved her hands and he walked towards her after smiling, showing his white teeth. He said his greetings before taking his seats.        Sitting opposite her in a little round table,she was wearing a mini dark brown gown,she wasn't smiling yet she still looked pretty. He admired her and smiled even though he knew what her intention of inviting him to this dinner was,he still couldn't deny the facts that she was pretty.        The young lady(his girlfriend) kept a straight face even though her boyfriend kept smiling. They didn't order food and she tried to say something "I..." But the young man(Jay) looked at her and said "you want to break up our relationship,you think I'm creepy
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CHAPTER SIX(ONE WITH SECRETS)     Lillian sat down in the living room,she was watching something in her phone and smiling. Mark walked in,looking stressed. Before,Lillian would rush to him,kiss him and unbutton his shirt but it was just a "welcome home".           Lillian received a text from her mother in law,she wanted to have lunch the next day. She was trying to be nice but to Lillian it was "pressuring" to her. Mark sat close to her,the night was cool and so was the bed,a bed that was supposed to be warm.     "You know, I had dinner with your mom,she wants to mend our relationship. I'm having lunch with her tomorrow". Even when and after Lillian spoke, Mark just kept reading the magazine in his hands,he didn't reply her.     " You know I said something right? Lillian asked sitting close to him,holding his hands to get his attention.     " I hop
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      CHAPTER SEVEN( PEOPLE BY THE SEA)        Mark came home and saw a sticker note on a plate. "I'm travelling for two weeks". That was all she wrote in the note,he just couldn't understand Lillian anymore. He tried calling her but her phone was switched off.      He called Jemima and asked if she knew where Lillian was but she told him she didn't. Even her mom didn't know where she was. Few minutes later Jemima called and told Mark about a resort Lillian spoke of recently.           Mark's mom visited,she brought a young lady with her,she said she was the temporary cook since Lillian wasn't around.      " How did you know Lillian wasn't  at home? Did she tell you that she was travelling?" Mrs Ade nodded her head.       "Wow,she told you she was travelling but she didn't tell me,she left a stupid note for me to read". Mark was r
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     CHAPTER EIGHT(DARK CURTAIN)        The main door of the house opened,Lillian walked in. The sitting room was nice,neatly arranged. The house looked empty. She walked to the kitchen,the utensils were neat and arranged. Even her room was neat,it was as if the house never needed her. She sat on the bed and it was cold.           How can love be like this? Why did she leave her home for another woman to walk in? Why can't she tell her husband that she can't have a baby. She remembered the day she saw Jay taking photos of little kids,some with mud on their face.        " I can't have a baby,I wasn't interested in having one before,but I suddenly became obsessed with having one and years passed without us Having children and my husband didn't say anything. When we were newly weds,he talked about it a lot but suddenly he stopped,he didn't Even allow us visit a doctor." Lillian pau
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Mending challenges 2
      MENDING CHALLENGES (PART TWO)    MARK.         Okay,my family is rich. Being  the only child wasn't and still isn't nice for me,I wish I had an elder brother or a baby sister but it's not going to work now,according to scientific researches.                When i met Lillian,for me I'd say it's love at first sight. Trying to make her like me back wasn't easy but I did it. Even when my mom was being tribalistic, I stood by my Lillian and US. At first she refused to get married,I dated her for six years and it really annoyed my mom.             Ever since I was a little boy,I always wanted to be like my father. Even when my friends had issues with their dad,I never had one,he is a loving husband and a caring father. To me my Father is flawless. I desired to be like my dad.       
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