Taming The Wild Alpha

Taming The Wild Alpha

By:  Agatha Rose  Completed
Language: English
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Xyrra spent the hottest night with a handsome stranger and thought that she would never see him again until she accompanied her boyfriend to a wedding and the groom, Ryker Cromwell, turned out to be the mysterious sexy stranger. To surprise her further, Ryker claimed her to be his so called “soulmate”, leaving his bride alone at the altar. Ryker began to appear in Xyrra’s life all the time pursuing her, and she could not believe her own eyes when he suddenly turned into a giant wolf... Contains sexual, mature scenes, and usage of profanity. Suitable for 18 years and above. Book 1 of The A.R. Were World Series.

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70 chapters
Chapter 1
Xyrra POV  “Alana will be so mad if she knows that I arrived late,” commented Brett as we took the seat at the back, not wanting to draw any attention toward us. The traffic was terrible on workdays, let alone on a Sunday. I glanced at the bride and the groom standing in front of the priest who was preaching about how sacred a union such as marriage truly was. Each of his words felt like a jab to me because I was not sure whether I wanted to get married at the age of eighteen yet glancing at Brett, who listened to every word with a sparkle in his eyes, I knew he would not be on the same page with me. He always wanted to get married young, like his parents, and build a life as soon as we graduated from high school. I let out a small sigh and decided that one of these days, I had to find a way to tell him that I was not ready for marriage without breaking his heart. Instead of thinking about marriage and Brett, I tried to focus on the ceremony and glanced at the bride whose dress wa
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Chapter 2
I decided right then and there that today was not only the bride’s worst nightmare, but it was also mine. Alana kept bawling her eyes out and no matter how many times I tried telling her that her groom was insane, she did not believe me. “You ruined this, why do you even have to exist? We would have been happily married by now if it was not because of you!” I knew I should be offended by her words. I mean, who the fuck did she think she was to decide whether or not I existed?! And why would my existence make any difference when
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Chapter 3
One week ago,It was Friday night when I decided that I wanted to have some fun. My friend, Davina Park, has convinced me to go to this new club downtown and for the first time, I took her up on her offer. I would turn eighteen years old in two months’ time and I already had a boyfriend who wanted nothing but to get married once we graduated three months from now. To be honest, I was not sure if I was ready to become a wife or to be precise, his wife. I mean, we have only been with each other for six months, that was not enough to build a life together. Yet no matter how many times I have told Brett Welsh about it, he always tried to talk me out of it. He kept on mentioning his own parents who had married young and were only in their late thirties now. Then he started mentioning my dad and how it would be wonderful if I could finally be free of my controlling dad once we were married. In my dad’s defense, he has not always been like that. He has changed since my mom died when I was ten
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Chapter 4
Alpha Ryker POV “I know what you need.” Read more
Chapter 5
Present-day, By the time I got into my house, I could tell that my dad preparing dinner in the kitchen from the sound of his knife hitting the chopping board. I placed my purse on the couch before making my way to the kitchen. “Smells really good in here,” I commented as I opened the fridge and picked up one can of soda. “What are you making, Dad?” I asked, turning around. Read more
Chapter 6
  “Holy shite!” I stumbled backward and tripped. I groaned as my behind hit the ground but my eyes never left the creature because I was too afraid that he might attack me if I looked away. The black wolf moved towards me and I froze. Its face was so close to me that I could feel its breath fanning the side of my face. It opened its mouth and I could almost taste death knocking on my door before another strange thing happened. The giant wolf licked me, it actually licked one side of my face before taking a step bac
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Chapter 7
  My lips twitched into forming a smile when I checked my phone that day and saw Eros’s reply. ‘Wait until I get back to town. I will kick their arses for you!’ After I sent him a quick reply telling him to come back sooner, I slid my phone inside the pocket of my jacket and walked to my locker. After what had happened earlier with Ryker under the bleachers, I went back inside and pretended that I had not just seen a naked man turned into a large hairy wolf. My phone chimed again and I pulled it out. It was a text from Davina. She had gone with flu and skipped school today, she texted me saying that she felt much better now that she had had enough rest and chicken soup. I texted her back, telling her how boring school was without her, and hit the send button just as I arrived at my locker. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could feel people were starting to crowd around m
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Chapter 8
  Nothing welcomed me home better than my dad saying, “Wow, Sweetie, you reek.” After spending the rest of my day trying to get the paint off my motorcycle at Patrick’s repair shop, I had to use the olive oil to get the paint off the seat. I could not get it all off but there was progress, at least now there would not be a word ‘Slut’ on my ass whenever I rode it. Luckily Patrick did not ask anything when I walked into his garage. He simply asked me what I needed and helped me with the paint on the headlight and the body of my motorcycle. He had used the paint remover and told me that I needed to leave my bike there for a couple of days for him to polish it then paint it black again. So in the end, I had to walk my way home and possibly catch a bus to school tomorrow. “Yeah, well, it has been a long day,” I replied with a sigh as I placed my helmet by the side of the stairs the
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Chapter 9
  How I had somehow managed to sneak back to my bed was forever a mystery but there was an obvious reason why I could not sleep that night. So many things went through my head, so many scenarios in which none I liked because deep down, I refused to believe that my dad was actually keeping me safe for a reason, that I was something he was going to bargain with the person Eros had been referring to. And what did he want to exchange me for? His position as Beta at the pack? Would they give him his old position that easily even after what he had done? Then I started to have questions about myself. Why would an eighteen years old normal teenager be of any value? Why would I be of any value? I was just a normal human. I had no superpower and was no Einstein genius. I could not turn into a giant wolf at will either. Why would that dangerous person everyone seemed to be scared of want me? Also, I still found it hard to believe that my father, the per
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Chapter 10
  Even though he had told me to run, I did not. I knew that if something happened to me, my dad would lose his bargaining power so there was no way he would hurt me. Instead, I watched Ryker face to face with my dad’s wolf. “You don’t want to do this, Atlas,” warned Ryker, still in his human form. Atlas seemed to be my dad’s wolf. “I know you have been locked out for ten long years, I know you are eager to come out, but you have a clean record, you don’t want to taint that. Leonidas will not take you back.” I turned to Ryker, lifting my eyebrow. “Are you scared of my dad’s wolf or are you trying to buy yourself some time?” “Neither,” answered Ryker with a frown. “Khrysaor has been in a foul mood and I don’t want to kill Rob or Atlas.” “Why?” I asked out of curiosity, not because I wanted him to hurt my dad. Although based on what I had read online during breakfast, killing someone’s mate was pretty high on the list of ten most
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