Propose To The Alpha

Propose To The Alpha

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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I'm a witch. I saw the future. Alpha Xavier will rule the kingdom and kill my whole family. He's taking revenge on us since my grandfather chose to align with his enemy. I can't just sit back. So I decided to propose to him and get him killed before our fate's set. Yet, the moon goddess says otherwise... ** “Will you marry me, Alpha Xavier?” I asked and bowed slightly. Lord Xavier is currently the Alpha of the Leonard family. Apparently, he’s been hailed as one of the strongest men on the continent—and the most handsome. Not like that matters to me but I guess it’s a plus. “Excuse me?” The man stared at me in disbelief. “If have to repeat myself, will you marry me?” I looked up at Xavier who hadn’t moved a muscle nor taken his eyes off of me. He just needs to accept my proposal already! This silence and waiting is unbearable! I’m offering you money and power. What more could you possibly— “I accept your marriage proposal.” Xavier interrupted my thoughts and released his hold on me. I’ve succeeded! Another step closer to your death, my Lord… ------- Xavier’s POV I accepted the witch girl’s proposal and walked out of the parlor without looking back at her. How could I? My heart raced inside of my chest, though I knew that these beats weren’t my own. Throughout the entire ordeal, something itched in the back of my mind. I knew what it was. “Lyon!” I commanded through thought. “What was that all about? What happened?” A howl echoed through my mind. “She’s our mate!” Lyon exclaimed. Mate?!

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70 chapters
#Chapter 1 Will You Marry Me, Lord Xavier?
Eloise’s POV         “Will you marry me, Alpha Xavier?” I asked and bowed slightly. My eyes shifted to the two guards at either side of the Alpha Lord. It was funny to see their eyes look like they would pop out of their skulls when they heard my question.         Lord Xavier is currently the Alpha of the Leonard family. Apparently, he’s been hailed as one of the strongest men on the continent—and the most handsome.         Not like that matters to me but I guess it’s a plus.         The city of Normand, the Alpha’s hometown, was always so unbearably cold. It didn’t matter what the time of year it was either. At least the charcoal fire was lit even though it didn’t really help ease an
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#Chapter 2 She Is Our Mate!
Xavier’s POV         I accepted the witch girl’s proposal and walked out of the parlor without looking back at her. How could I?         Under normal circumstances, I would’ve laughed in her face and allowed for my guards to drag her out of my presence. She had the absolute nerve of barging into my home and practically demanding for my hand in marriage.         I can’t deny it though… Her nerve and persistence is admirable.         But I knew there was a reason why I couldn’t deny the witch. A reason that I prayed to the Goddess was nothing more than a damn joke.         My heart raced inside of my chest andI knew that these beats weren’t my own. Th
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#Chapter 3 A Kiss For Her
Xavier’s POV         I stood at the end of the long aisle with my gaze to the floor. Today was supposed to be a momentous day yet all I could think about was my strategies for strengthening our military’s defense. The winter months were always hard on my soldiers and they needed to prepare.         And to be honest, I didn’t even want to be here going through with this wedding. Regardless of its contractual benefits, I didn’t want to be married to the daughter of the Wisdoms.         No matter how much I wanted to stay in my own head, my thoughts were still interrupted by the chatter and gossip in the cathedral.         “Did you hear? Lord Xavier’s fiancée is said to be the most beautiful witch in Lowell
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#Chapter 4 Death By My Hands
Eloise’s POV         When Xavier kissed me, it was like everything stopped.         I couldn’t even bring myself to look at him after his lips tore from mine. Hell, I could barely wrap my head around everything that happened. It was like it all happened in a blur.         Just a week ago, I proposed to a man I had never met before.         Now, I stood in front of his citizens as his wife. I was now officially married to the Alpha of the Leonard family.         The audience congratulated us on our union as Xavier and I walked out of the cathedral; hand-in-hand. I couldn’t find the words to say. All I could do was nod and smile.     &
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#Chapter 5 You Were Supposed to Be MINE!
Eloise’s POV         It was early the next morning when I was woken up by a sudden knock at my door.         “Lady Eloise,” Adrian called out. “Miss Nora is here to help you with your morning preparations. Lord Xavier has ordered your departure for the town of Noah to be soon. I’ll escort you to the stables once you’re ready.”         I rubbed my eyes and let out a sigh. Last night was so much of a blur that I honestly don’t even remember falling asleep. I looked out the window to see the sun hidden behind some clouds. The gloominess of the day mirrored how I felt in my heart. Today was the day I was leaving for Noah and I didn’t like it one bit. It put a damper on my plans to get close with Lord Xavier but
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#Chapter 6 This Witch Isn’t Weak
Eloise’s POV         I woke up to find myself in a completely darkened room. I tried to sit up but it felt like there was a huge weight on my body; and like a tight band was wrapped around my head.         Pain shot up through my spine as I fell back onto the bed. W-where am I?         “Oh, so you’re finally awake, huh, Eloise?” Adam’s voice rang from the darkness. He sat down on a chair that was next to my bed and lit up a candle.         The light illuminated a portion of his face. Though Adam was smiling, there was nothing warm nor sincere about it.         “How do you feel?” His voice was calm and kind like he didn’t just
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#Chapter 7 How Dare He Claim MY Wife
Xavier’s POV         The day after Eloise had left my castle, I was in my council chambers having a meeting with my generals and subordinates. We were going over how to reinforce Normand’s defenses for the winter months.         “The northern borders are in good condition. The mountains will be more than enough to thwart any attacks from that direction.” One of my generals spoke.         “And what of the southern border that leads into Noah?” Adrian asked.         “Lieutenant Alex has just been assigned a new squad of recruits.” I spoke up. “He has his hands full with training procedures but as long as he is able to develop their strength in the coming month, the southern Normand borders will
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#Chapter 8 He Took My Heart
Adam’s POV         I loved her.         Ever since the contracts were signed by both my family and the Wisdoms, I knew that I always had a reason to continue living for the next day.          Growing up for me was hard. Being the illegitimate son of an irresponsible king and promiscuous handmaiden, I was ostracized by those I only wanted to be friends with and was disowned by people I was supposed to call family. What was the point in being immortal if that meant having to spend the days alone? Then came Eloise—a light. A beacon of hope. The only person who showed me true kindness and compassion without asking for anything in return. The person who spoke to me like I was an equal, not a lesser. Someone who considered me as a friend and not a b
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#Chapter 9 Safe At Home
Eloise’s POV I suddenly jolted awake as sweat ran down my forehead. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced nightmares about the prophecy but as time went on, they became more frequent. It was as if I was constantly being reminded about how little time I had left. My life and those I held dear were on a balance—and it was tipping in favor of Death. I sat up and rubbed the back of my neck as my mind swam with thoughts. About a month ago, my mother always nagged me about studying magic and becoming more powerful. One day, I figured that I had enough of it and took off to go spend some time with my grandmother. She was always so understanding.        During my stay, I began to explore my grandmother’s home. It was then I stumbled upon a mirror while rummaging through the various boxes in the spare room.
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#Chapter 10 You Were Engaged?
Eloise’s POV A rush of cold air flooded the bathroom. Despite the hot water that surrounded me, it wasn’t enough to stave off the obvious temperature drop from Xavier’s presence alone. I hugged my knees and sank myself lower into the water where only my head was visible. I needed to think of a way to deal with him, and quickly. Being naked and vulnerable in front of an angry Alpha? Definitely not an ideal situation… Xavier crossed the distance between the door and me in the blink of an eye, and placed both of his hands on the tub. “You need to tell me what your relationship is to that vampire or there will be some problems.” My heart began to pound wildly. I thought carefully of what to say next in fear of not wanting to anger him any more. He could break my neck if I say anything else to offend him…Read more Protection Status