Chapter 666 Give Me A Baby

Suddenly feeling a chill around him, Jin Fengyao put his jacket around Song Qingwan’s.

After that, he fished out his car keys. He held Song Qingwan’s hand as he walked to the side of the garage. “What would you like to eat later? Japanese or pasta?”

Song Qingwan sat in the passenger seat, taking off the jacket before folding it neatly. She buckled her seat belt.

“Anything’s fine. When we get back, should we bring something for mom and dad? They’ve not had much of an appetite because of Xiaobao.”

“Yeah, we should also bring some porridge for Xiaobao.”

Jin Fengyao started the car and followed the GPS to a Japanese restaurant.

Song Qingwan sighed and looked out the window.

“Who would have thought that Sister-in-law was Xiaobao’s mother?” Jin Fengyao smiled, his tone elated.

Song Qingwan turned to give him a look, “The DNA results are not out yet. It’s not confirmed.”

Hearing this, Jin Fengyao hurriedly retorted, “Sister-in-law being Xiaobao’s biological mother is almost
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