Chapter 670 Do Not Rest Until You Find Her!

After confirming that Jiang Nuannuan was not faking it, she bent down and placed a finger to Jiang Nuannuan's nose. She was still breathing.

Zi Feng took her time and leisurely dragged her to the car. She then sent her to the hospital.

Jin Fengchen had only one thing on his mind now: to find out the truth and bring Jiang Sese home.

Everything apart from this took a backseat.

Zi Feng hated it. The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that Jiang Sese had to die before this man would be hers.

She was delusional. Even during the period when Jiang Sese had disappeared, she never once appeared in Jin Fengchen’s mind.

It would have been no different if there was a do-over.

However, Zi Feng could not see it.

A few days later, Zi Feng went to JS Group.

She silently stared at Jin Fengchen for a long time, then put on an anxious expression and entered the door.

“I have bad news, Mister Jin. Jiang Nuannuan escaped!”

Jin Fengchen paused abruptly, a bad expression on his
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