Chapter 669 I Was Never Within His Sight

Xiaobao was discharged from the hospital half a month later.

The Jin family went to pick him up. The hospital was packed.

Xiaobao searched the crowd for Jiang Sese but did not see her. He lowered his head, a little disappointed.

Just as they were about to leave, Jiang Sese arrived in a huff. Xiaobao immediately brightened up and almost pounced forward with reckless abandon to greet his Mommy.

Fortunately, Jiang Sese reached him in time with her quick reflexes. If another accident were to happen, she would not be the only one who would be worried.

“I’m sorry, Xiaobao. I was delayed.”

Xiaobao said sensibly, “It’s alright, Mommy.”

Jiang Sese rubbed his head and presented him with the sunflowers she had brought. “I hope that Xiaobao will be healthy and safe in the future, and be as happy as a little sun.”

"Thank you, Mommy."

Xiaobao was extremely happy. He looked satisfied, as if he had received an invaluable treasure.

Madam Jin was also very happy. She organized a small party at
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Nicole Wik
Seriously what kind of story is this. Why can u have a ending, how much more u want to hurt the 2 heroes? Do your book ever have a simple ending ? When is she ever going to get her memory back. It’s very annoying to hear that the heroine can’t say or do anything. Please stop. Thanks
goodnovel comment avatar
Megha Goel
Release more chapters, only 1 n 2 chapters getting released
goodnovel comment avatar
Pushpa Wood
This book is now getting really stupid and story is dragging unnecessarily. Therefore, I am calling it quits and not going to spend any more money!!

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