Chapter 673 She Was Infuriated!

Jiang Sese involuntarily imitated the little girl and laughed.

The mother-and-daughter duo had a great time.

The people next to them looked on and smiled heartily as well.

The two of them were incredibly enticing to look at.

As soon as they entered, they attracted everyone's attention.

Jiang Sese's patience and her frequent smiling at other children also impressed some of the foreign parents.

At this moment, Jiang Nuannuan was changing into a janitor’s uniform in the shadows. She then retrieved a mop from the cleaning lady and was busily mopping the floor.

She had made thorough observations. This was the only way to leave Mischief Castle.

Jiang Nuannuan has already thought it through. Her life has been ruined by Jin Fengchen, and her eternal rival, Jiang Sese, was pleased as punch.

She was infuriated!

At this moment, she heard the sound of high heels against the floor from behind her. Jiang Nuannuan glanced back.

Sure enough, Jiang Sese, clad in a white dress, was slowly wal
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