Mr Li's Survival Instinct is Off The Charts Again Today!
Mr Li's Survival Instinct is Off The Charts Again Today!
Author: Fourth Lady Sweetheart
Chapter 1 The Cruel Truth
Su Jianxi hid inside the closet, peeking through the crack at the man and woman making out.

Su Jianxi’s head whirred and practically exploded. All of the blood in her body was surging into her brain.

She was not mistaken. That man was Shen Siming, the person she loved so deeply she would give up everything for him. As for the woman, it was her good friend Su Huanran.

Yesterday, she wanted to give Shen Siming a birthday surprise, so she had purposely told him that her flight would be late, and she could not make it back in time for his birthday. In actuality, she had arrived a long time ago, and she was holding a cake as she hid in the closet, waiting for her chance to surprise Shen Siming.

Well, there was a surprise, alright. However, it was Shen Siming who surprised Su Jianxi.

It was by no means a pleasant surprise, either.

“I love you so much, baby,” Shen Siming mumbled as he kissed Su Huanran.

Su Huanran’s fingers were buried in Shen Siming’s hair. “If you love me, Siming, would you marry me?”

“Of course, but we have to take it slow. First, let’s restore your status as the second miss of the Su Family, and then we’ll make you the Best Actress at the awards…”

Inside the closet, Su Jianxi clenched her hands into fists, forcing herself to stay silent.

Shen Siming’s conversation with Su Huanran revealed a huge secret to Su Jianxi.

He said that he wanted to restore Su Huanran’s status as Second Miss Su. It just so happened that Su Huanran had the same surname as Su Jianxi, and the latter’s father was quite kind to Su Huanran and her mother…

Su Jianxi’s mind ran a mile a minute. She figured she knew the gist of it now.

Three years ago, she was the most promising young female lead in S City’s entertainment scene. However, she had given up everything for this man, and she even handed the resources she had over to Su Huanran.

It was only now that she found out how thoroughly she had been used.

Her best friend was her half-sister from a different mother. Her father had tricked her, her boyfriend had tricked her, and even her best friend had tricked her.

Everyone had played her like a puppet on their strings.

Su Jianxi ran out of the closet and stumbled away when Shen Siming and Su Huanran went into the shower together. She wanted to console herself, to tell herself that everything she had just seen was just an illusion, but her heart hurt so much right now.

‘Shen Siming, Su Huanran, heed my word! You played me, so I, Su Jianxi, swear that I’ll get my revenge on you!’

More than an hour later, in a bar filled with people from all walks of life…

Su Jianxi wandered around the bar, staking out her prey.

Since Shen Siming dared to cheat on her, she was going to make a cuckold out of him. Two could play at that game, and she wanted to see who would get the last laugh!

Su Jianxi rejected all the men who tried to hit on her, her gaze falling upon a corner of the bar.

Li Tingxiao took out his box of cigarettes, pulled out a stick, and put it between his teeth. At the same time, his hawk-like eyes swept his surroundings.

He kept feeling as though someone was looking at him, but he could not locate that person.

It was quite irritating.

Xu Ran, who was sitting next to him, was looking at the text he just received from the bank. He said excitedly, “Brother Li, the money’s in.”

Li Tingxiao just raised his brow slightly, unperturbed.

He had received an order not too long ago, about the owner of a clothing factory who owed his debtor more than five hundred thousand. The debtor told Li Tingxiao that if they could just help him retrieve what he was due, he would give them thirty percent of the payment as commission.

Just earlier today, they had retrieved the five hundred thousand, and the debtor had given them the reward they were due.

“Come on, let’s drink! To a huge project perfectly completed.” Xu Ran filled Li Tingxiao’s glass with wine. Just as Li Tingxiao was about to drink it, though, a pair of slender hands rested on his.
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