Chapter 4 A Tryst

Staring intently into her eyes, Ou Qingheng suddenly lowered his head and kissed her hard on the lips.

At the end of the kiss, she pushed him away gently, maintaining a certain distance between them. She then looked at him with her crystal clear eyes and teased, "You're really a ladies' man, President Ou. You keep saying that you love Miss Yang, but at the same time, you're unwilling to cut ties with me."

"I'll cut all ties with you after our divorce."

Upon hearing his words, Yao Yiyi felt a sharp stab of pain in her heart. Even so, the plastered smile on her face grew even wider. "President Ou, are you reminding me that we'll cut ties with each other soon?"

Lowering her head, Yao Yiyi let out a bitter smile. However, when she looked up at him once more, she became full of smiles again. For a slight moment, Ou Qingheng was lost in her charm as he met her alluring gaze.

"You really look a lot like Kexin." He was so infatuated by her that Ou Qingheng could not help but murmur.

Yao Yiyi's body stiffened suddenly, but she soon relaxed and replied, "President Ou, talking about another woman in front of me doesn't make me happy, you know. It makes me think that I've lost all ability to charm you, which is kinda bad."

Pushing him away, Yao Yiyi then asked with a carefree expression, "President Ou, I'm sure you don't mind having a glass of wine with me to brighten up the mood?"

Locking his eyes on her body like a wolf, Ou Qingheng nodded and replied in a deep voice, "Sure!"

Ou Qingheng strode across the room before coming back with a bottle of 1982 wine and a couple of wine goblets.

Being a gentleman, he then poured Yao Yiyi half a glass of wine before handing it to her and saying, "Cheers."


Yao Yiyi clinked glasses with him. Then, she swirled her drink around gently, aerating it to increase its aroma.
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