Alpha's redemption Chapter 128

Everly POV

Something was going on with Macey and Kalen. They had been joined at each other's hip for the last two days. And it was always the same excuse, too. They were dealing with the hotel renovations. Yet as Kalen left this morning, I couldn't help but wonder because of the way Macey hung up abruptly on whomever she was talking to when I came out to make something to eat.

"Where are the kids?" I ask her as she starts packing belongings into her bag and why was she so dressed up?

"Kalen and John dropped them to school," she answers with a shrug, trying to push me back toward the room.

"Go lay down, you’re on bed rest. I will bring your breakfast in."

"And Valen?" I ask her not hearing him get up this morning, usually he wakes me.

"Ah something about meeting the council elders with Marcus before they pick up Zoe," Macey answers as she shuffles me down the hall to my room. Their constant fussing was driving me insane.

"Zoe is coming home?" I ask, feeling relieved. She could have c
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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow that carter pack are Evil
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Mary Quackenbush
Damn Carter and John's beta smh and now Everly is in labor and worried about her dad on top of it
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow…that’s a lot happening for Everly and her people left her alone, why? So Carters and his father’s plan is starting knowing that Macey has left to go to Carter..geez how many people from Valens pack work for Carter? They were quick to just give in though with no guarantees

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