Chapter 103 Someone's Hitting on Sister-in-law

Jiang Sese watched Lu Zheng hand over his phone and say, "Let's stay connected on WeChat. It'll be easier for us to talk that way."

She didn't turn him down. She took his phone and entered her WeChat ID before returning it to him.

"I'll be off then. Let's talk again."

"All right. Be careful on the road, Senior Lu."


Lu Zheng's mellow and rich voice rang in her ears as he returned to his car. He even shot her a gentle look before starting his engine and driving off.

This scene happened to be witnessed by Su Shan, who was outside just returning from work.

She stared at the departing car and asked, "Sese, who's that man who drove you here?"

"Oh, Manager Su. That's the manager of the Lu Group. I was supposed to meet him to discuss our project, but who knew he'd turn out to be my university senior?" Jiang Sese didn't conceal the truth.

The two of them returned to the office as they talked.

"Is that so? That's such a coincidence!" Su Shan laughed, but her expression was a li
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