Chapter 106 Not a Girlfriend

Sure enough, Jiang Sese saw Jin Fengchen standing behind her the moment she turned around.

"What a coincidence," she said awkwardly.

Who could have understood her feelings at this moment? She just wanted to die. The reason she woke up so early in the morning and tried to convince the Lu Group to pick another advertising platform was that she wouldn't have to meet Jin Fengchen.

Little did she expect that he would run into them at the restaurant and even overhear their conversation.

Jin Fengchen was dressed in a black suit. His handsome face was void of expression as he stared at her. He pursed his lips. "Why are you here?"

Jiang Sese returned to her senses and let out a peal of humorless laughter. "To discuss a project, of course!" She paused for a beat before adding, "This is the President of the Lu Group, Lu Zheng. He's our new client."

Lu Zheng was still in shock, for he recognized the man to be the President of the Jin Group, Jin Fengchen. The Lu Group was quite a prestigious
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