Chapter 104 A Drunk Jin Fengchen

After meeting their clients at the club, they continued their discussion in a happy manner. The clients were fond of alcohol, so Jin Fengchen had to drink quite a bit with them.

Jin Fengyao sat beside his brother and intentionally poured him more drinks.

The alcohol content of the drinks at the meeting was pretty high, so Jin Fengchen soon found himself rather tipsy and dizzy.

He was basically drunk by the end of the meeting.

When he excused himself to go to the washroom, Jin Fengyao took the opportunity to answer a call. He didn't quite pay attention to the situation in the private room.

Su Qingyin hesitated for a beat before heading to the washroom.

She waited in the corridor. When Jin Fengchen walked out of the washroom, she immediately walked up to him. "Fengchen, are you all right?"

Jin Fengchen didn't answer her.

Su Qingyin stepped forward, wanting to support his arm, but he avoided her.

Her hand paused mid-movement. She didn't think that even a drunk Jin Fengchen would
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