Chapter 111 I Can't Fall in Love with Him

Jiang Sese left her office building only to find a black Maybach parked outside.

Without warning, her heart skipped a beat. The driver side window rolled down, revealing Jin Fengyao's bewitching countenance.

"Hello, Miss Jiang." Jin Fengyao greeted her with a grin before getting out of the car.

"So, it isn't Jing Fengchen." Jiang Sese let out a breath of relief, cursing herself inwardly for her overreaction.

She went up to the guy and asked, "Second Young Master, what brings you here?"

"You, of course! Come on. Let's grab something to eat."

"A dinner invitation?" Jiang Sese was embarrassed. "Second Young Master, I don't think that's a good idea."

Jiang Sese had a pretty good idea of what Jin Fengyao was here for.

"Hey, that's not very polite of you, considering how I've helped you. There we go."

Jin Fengyao stuffed Jiang Sese into his car as he spoke, leaving no time for her to decline the offer.

Once inside the car, Jiang Sese turned to Jin Fengyao and blurted out, "Second Y
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