Chapter 102 Did You Two Break Up?

For the rest of the day, Jiang Sese didn't get any calls or texts from Xiaobao or Jin Fengchen. When she got home, she stared at her empty house and felt dejection filling her.

She smiled wryly and comforted herself by thinking that she had always lived by herself and it didn't make any difference for her to continue her life alone.

After washing up, she went straight to bed.

The day passed just like that.


The next day, Jiang Sese threw herself into work.

She was currently working on a project with the Lu Group. The company had requested the Jinse Group to come up with a proposal to advertise its new product.

She scheduled a meeting with the manager of the Lu Group to get more details.

At noon, she went to the restaurant where they promised to meet.

She walked up to the entrance and decided that she would call the manager to ask his whereabouts. She dug through her bag for her phone as she walked, and in a moment of distraction, she accidentally bumped into someone.

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