Chapter 110 Good Chance to Swoop In

Jin Fengyao walked to his desk and asked, "Bro, what's going on?"

With his head down, Jin Fengchen didn't answer his question. Instead, he asked without any expression, "Do you have anything that you haven't finished yet? Give it to me."

Jin Fengyao was stunned to hear that. "Is he on drugs?"

"Don't worry about it, Bro. I can deal with it, it's not that much. But I'm worried about you. You need to rest."

Jin Fengyao walked closer to him and took his cigarette carefully.

Jin Fengchen stared at him and said with a cold voice, "Out."

Jin Fengyao, looking at his gloomy face, smelled a trace of danger, and he was too afraid to say anything. So he went out.

He was relieved when he breathed the fresh air on the other side of the door. "What happened that could make him like this?

"It was fine before because he would tell me why. But now... he is completely shutting down. How can I fix his problem when I don't know what the problem is?"

Jin Fengyao thought with a frown, "This must hav
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