Chapter 1068 Bring Her Back For Testing

“Well said.”

Bo Gelian applauded as he walked in.

Charles quickly put away his arrogance and presented a pleasant smile, “Mister Bo Gelian. You’re here.”

“Yes.” Bo Gelian glanced at him, then looked at Fu Jingyun. “Fu, you are absolutely right. If all my subordinates think like you, there will be no conflicts.”

When he said this, he intentionally stared at Charles.

Charles noticed his gaze and his eyes widened with guilt.

“Charles, I heard that you’ve been making things difficult for Fu. Is that true?” asked Bo Gelian.

“I… No. Someone must be deliberately bad-mouthing me.”

How could Charles dare admit it? He knew what Bo Gelian disliked most was for his subordinates to have animosity amongst themselves. Regarding his previous fight with Fu Jingyun, he would have been expelled from the research team if it had not been for Professor Curry.

“Oh?” Bo Gelian raised his eyebrows. “Then what was that I heard a moment ago?”

“We were just joking around.” Charles winked at Fu Jingyun.
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