Chapter 1076 She Would Be Disappointed

When Fang Yuchen finally came out, Jiang Sese asked in a puzzled tone, “Why did it take you so long?”

“It’s nothing,” Fang Yuchen smiled and looked at his mother, Shang Ying.

“Mom, I’ll send both of you home first,” he said.

“It’s fine. I contacted our driver to pick us. You’ll send Manqing and her daughter home.”

Shang Ying pushed him to Ye Xiaoyi’s side. As she looked at how perfect the both of them looked together, she grinned happily.

Jiang Sese gave Fang Yuchen a best-of-luck glance. The moment Aunty set her mind on someone, he would have to go through a lot later.

Fang Yuchen did not refuse. He smiled at Shen Manqing and said, “Aunty Manqing, come. I’ll send you both home.”

Shen Manqing smiled and nodded. “Sure, sure.”

“Manqing, when you have time, remember to bring Xiaoyi to my place,” Shang Ying held her hand and emphasized that.

“Sure, we will.”

Even if Shen Manqing was busy, she would still make time to visit the Fang family more often when there was a potential fut
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