Chapter 1070 Jin Fengchen; She Must Have Him

It was early in the morning. The bright sunlight streamed through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Jin Fengchen picked up his suit jacket off the sofa and put it on, then walked out of the bedroom.

He Shuhan, who was waiting in the living room, saw him and immediately greeted him, “Young Master, Miss Qisha is waiting for you in the restaurant downstairs.”

“Let’s go.”

Jin Fengchen walked out of the room and He Shuhan followed close behind.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they immediately saw Qisha sitting next to the window and walked over to sit directly across from her.

Qisha was cutting into her croissant and asked without lifting her head, “I guess you are not just asking me to breakfast this early in the morning?”

She put a piece of croissant into her mouth, then raised her head to look at the man sitting across her.

Jin Fengchen smiled nonchalantly. “I want to attack the research facility.”

“Cough!” Qisha choked when she heard what he said.

She hurriedly took a sip of
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Son
actually this Shangguan Yuan don't deserve an man at all because she thinks she is the most perfect woman and only man like Jin Fengchen deserve her and vice versa
goodnovel comment avatar
Sweet Pea 63
UGH so very tired of women trying to destroy Fengchen and Sese’s marriage!! Shangguan Yuan needs to find a different man! Fengchen MUST succeed and save his Sese!!

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