Chapter 1074 We Meet Again

After they bought clothing, Shang Ying brought Jiang Sese and Fang Yuchen to a western restaurant at the mall.

“Aunty, are we having teatime?” Jiang Sese asked curiously. After all, it was not time for dinner yet.

“You’ll see later,” Shang Ying said and gave Fang Yuchen a meaningful look.

Fang Yuchen was startled. He had a bad omen.

The mother-daughter pair came over and greeted them after they were seated for not long.

“Shang Ying,” a woman's voice sounded.

Hearing that, Shang Ying raised her head. She had a very surprised and happy face as she quickly got up. “Manqing, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.” The middle-aged woman named Manqing was equally delighted.

“This is your daughter?” Shang Ying asked as she glanced at the young lady beside her.

“Xiaoyi, quickly greet them,” Shen Manqing turned over to the girl and said.

The girl gave Shang Ying an obedient smile and said, “Aunty, nice to meet you. I’m Ye Xiaoyi.”

“Xiaoyi, nice to meet you.”

Shang Ying looked at the
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