Chapter 1077 Only One Way

Jiang Sese returned to her bedroom after she left the study.

Just like the past few days, she took out her phone and made a video call.

It only took a short while before the other party connected to the call. Jin Fengchen’s handsome face appeared on her screen as the call connected successfully.

“Fengchen,” Jiang Sese greeted him smilingly.

The corner of Jin Fengchen’s lip curled slightly. “Did anything happen? You look happy.”

“Nothing much. It’s just that Cousin went for a blind date just now.”

Jiang Sese lay on the bed, propped her chin with one hand, and held the phone with the other.

“A blind date?”

Jiang Sese replied, “Yup. With Aunty’s old friend’s daughter.”

“Why did he agree?”

To Jin Fengchen, Fang Yuchen was someone with his mindset. He did not like to be controlled, be it at work or a relationship.

“He got pulled into the blind date unknowingly,” Jiang Sese explained.

As she mentioned that, Jiang Sese laughed uncontrollably. “Aunty really tries her best to get h
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