Chapter 1078 Did Not Know When To Stop

“If you’ve already decided, why are you still here for me?” Fu Jingyun asked.

Jin Fengchen pondered for a moment before he said, “I need the interior map of the institute and information about the security.”

“You want me to draw the interior map of the research institute for you?”

“That’s right,” Jin Fengchen nodded. “I will not do things that are uncertain.”

Fu Jingyun smiled. “Why do you think I’m willing to draw it for you?”

“Because of Sese.”

Jin Fengchen glanced at Fu Jingyun with certainty and continued, “However, if you face any difficulties, you don’t have to force yourself.”

Fu Jingyun chuckled. His smile was bitter as he said, “Sese…”

Fu Jingyun shut his eyes. He was considering it.

Jin Fengchen did not hurry him. He simply waited for him quietly.

After a long while, Fu Jingyun opened his eyes slowly, and his gaze calmed again.

“Fine. I’ll draw it for you. However, I need some time to check every corner of the institute.”

“Okay. Don’t take too long. I can’t wait,
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Jessica Gainey
She’s gonna find the cure for Sese, and then blackmail fengchen and make him leave sese and be with her in order to save sese life. So predictable

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