Chapter 113 Daddy Is Ill

Jiang Sese looked out of her office door, worried that Jin Fengchen would be there as well.

She relaxed when she didn't see him.

Suddenly, Xiaobao's eyes began to glisten with tears. He said worriedly, "Daddy is ill, very ill. He's refusing to take medicine, too. Aunt Sese, please take a look at him!"

Jiang Sese's eyes flickered with emotion. "He's ill? Very ill, at that?"

Looking conflicted, she paused for a moment before replying, "How did he become ill? What about your family servants? Why don't we look for your uncle?"

"Our servants are on leave today, and Uncle isn't answering his phone. Aunt Sese, please take a look at him. Just for a bit."

Xiaobao was so persistent that Jiang Sese could only relent. However, she remained conflicted. It didn't seem appropriate for her to visit him now!


"You don't want to go, do you, Aunt Sese? It's all right then. I'll take care of Daddy myself!" Xiaobao lowered his head, his limpid eyes brimming with tears. His tender face
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