Chapter 118 The Anniversary Event

The day before the anniversary, Jiang Sese got off work early and went straight home.

The sight of the empty rooms saddened her. For some unknown reason, she couldn't stop thinking about Jin Fengchen when she was idle.

The peaceful life over the past few days was as restful as it was unnerving. It seemed as if Jin Fengchen and Xiaobao had been wiped off the face of the earth. Would she ever go to see them again?

She was the one pushing him away, but it didn't make her life any easier.

At that moment, her phone rang. Jiang Sese couldn't help expecting to see Xiaobao's or Jin Fengchen's name on the screen whenever someone called.

However, it was neither of them, but Lu Zheng. Jiang Sese blinked, then she came back to her senses and answered the phone.

"Hi, Senior Lu."

"Sese, I'm just calling to remind you that the school anniversary is tomorrow. Hey, where do you live? How about I pick you up tomorrow?"

Jiang Sese smiled. "That won't be necessary, Senior Lu. You have a speech to
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