Chapter 116 Look into Her Past

Jin Fengchen might have been in a foul mood, but he didn't lose his mind. He said in an unhurried tone, "I may be frustrated now, but there's still hope. I've never given up on any woman I'm in love with."

He would never give up, no matter what Jiang Sese said.

They were meant for each other.

Shen Mubai chuckled. "That's so you, but it doesn't stop you from looking frustrated. I bet you feel awful now, don't you?"

He and Jin Fengchen were friends for years and he knew how persistent he could be. No difficulty seemed to have been able to stop Jin Fengchen, and this quality of his was what made the Jin Group so successful.

However, this was the first time that Shen Mubai had ever seen Jin Fengchen behave like this over a woman.

After some hesitation, Shen Mubai went on. "If you're really that into her, why don't you look into her past? From what you told me, your girl has been rejecting you largely because of what happened to her in the past. Find out what it is and fix it."

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