Chapter 117 Invitation to the Anniversary Event

As one of the top universities in the country, University J was a popular choice among high school students and had produced quite a few famous alumni.

The anniversary event this year was going to be as spectacular as expected. It was said that a lot of distinguished guests were going to attend.

Lu Zheng was one of them. He was going to be the representative of young entrepreneurs.

As for Jiang Sese, she just wanted to go as a common graduate.

While she was at it, she was going to attend the lecture that Lu Zheng was giving for moral support.

After dinner, Jiang Sese and Lu Zheng bade each other farewell and went their separate ways.


Meanwhile, in the Jin Group...

Jin Fengchen was working at his desk when his assistant knocked at the door before entering his office. There was an invitation in his hand.

"Mr. President, University J is holding an anniversary event the day after tomorrow and you're invited to give the closing speech."

Jin Fengchen had done a lot of charity w
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