Chapter 123 She Was Lu Zheng's Crush?

After Lu Zheng finished his speech, it was time for the Q&A. Random people in the audience were asking random questions.

There was one gossipy girl that asked, "Mr. Lu, can you share with us if you ended up with the girl that you worked with and had a crush on?"

So many people in the audience wanted to ask that so they all looked at Lu Zheng with curiosity in their eyes. He now was so successful and handsome. It was only natural that the girls were all in love with him. But they didn't know that his heart had always belonged to someone else.

Su Qingyin gave Jin Fengchen a look and smiled. "It looks like I'm not the only one wondering that."

Jin Fengchen didn't pay her any mind. He stared at Lu Zheng coldly and waited for this man on stage to give an answer.

Lu Zheng answered with a smile, "No we didn't. She was in love with someone else. But I recently found out that she is available now. I want to go for it this time."

While saying that, Lu Zheng looked at Jiang Sese.

"I will t
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