Chapter 125 The Bossy Jin Fengchen

There was a clear tipsiness in Jiang Sese's eyes after the meal.

She didn't drink much at first. But everyone was talking about what was happening in the world of commerce. She had no idea what to say. So she busied herself with thinking of what had happened today and couldn't help feeling a bit bummed out. So she resigned herself to drinking quietly right there at the table.

After a few drinks, Jiang Sese felt very hot in her head and she couldn't even think straight.

As Jin Fengchen noticed that, he asked with a frown, "Are you all right?"

Jiang Sese shook her head and her eyes were all blurry. "I shouldn't have had so many." She stood up and headed for the toilet to freshen up by washing her face.

Her legs were all wobbly and she almost fell by the door. Lu Zheng saw that with worry in his eyes so he stood up and followed her.

People turned their heads toward Jin Fengchen to see what he was going to do. Everyone knew that there was a love triangle going on and now Lu Zheng wen
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Tbh I'm getting frustrated. Just let the cat out of the bag.

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