Chapter 176 Jin Fengchen Is Drunk

Jin Fengchen and Lu Zheng walked into a pub one behind the other. They headed straight for the bar, ordered their drinks, and then started talking.

"Mr. Jin, you and I have the same feelings for Sese, don't we?"

Lu Zheng was no fool. He had noticed that Jing Fengchen kept showing up around Jiang Sese, which was proof enough of the latter's affection. Nevertheless, it still surprised Lu Zheng, for he only thought that Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen were mere acquaintances. He had no idea that Jin Fengchen was in love with her.

"That's correct." Jin Fengchen didn't try to hide it.

"What about you and Miss Su?" Lu Zheng darted a glance at Jin Fengchen.

"They are all baseless rumors. There's nothing going on between me and her."

Lu Zheng wasn't surprised by that answer. Their drinks were served later and they had both ordered strong liquor. Lu Zhen went on as they drank, "I've known Sese for years. Back then, I had to give up because she was with Lan Sichen, but I don't want to give up
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