Chapter 179 Restless Minds

Back in the ward, Xu Na was still complaining about Han Jing. "Sister Sese, you can't go soft on Han Jing this time. She has picked on you more than once, and if you don't take this opportunity to teach her a lesson, I bet she's going to do something worse. You know what she's like!"

Jiang Sese rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on. Just then, a familiar figure walked into the room. Jiang Sese was surprised to see Jin Fengchen here.

"What brought you here?"

Jiang Sese was bewildered, for she had only just gotten injured and there Jin Fengchen was, in her ward. "Has he put a tracking device on me or something?"

Xu Na was equally surprised to see Jin Fengchen here and it made her so jealous. She could finally see that Jin Fengchen was the one her Sister Sese cared for. "Poor Senior Lu!"

Looking from Jin Fengchen to Jiang Sese, Xu Na said, "I'll go fetch the medicine."

She left the ward after that.

Worried about Jiang Sese's injury, Jin Fengchen came to the hospital in
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ealier her could Cook. and he got mad the Day she wanted to eat noodles

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