Chapter 180 Kiss the Pain Away

There was something in the air and the temperature in the living room seemed to rise. Before Jin Fengchen knew it, his hands were all over Jiang Sese and things were getting out of control...

Before they had gone too far, Jiang Sese snapped out of it and pushed Jin Fengchen away with flushed cheeks.

"I'll go take a shower," Jin Fengchen said in a husky voice.

He couldn't help feeling vexed at himself for having let things go that far...

After those words, Jin Fengchen went into the bathroom.

Jiang Sese knew that it was going to be a cold shower, and the thought made her run back to her room, blushing.

After Jiang Sese got back to her bedroom, she drifted off into a sleep.

Jin Fengchen checked up on her after his shower and smiled in resignation when he saw her peaceful sleeping face. He dried his hair, and then went to sleep on the sofa.

It turned out to be an uneventful night and Jiang Sese had her mind at ease.

The following morning, she woke up to find that Jin Fengchen had
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