Chapter 178 My Sister-In-Law Has Been Injured

A few colleagues that had gotten along well with Jiang Sese couldn't stand it when they heard Han Jing accusing Jiang Sese of starting everything. "Sese is a nice person. She would never pick on you for no reason."

"That's right! Han Jing, you were the one who started it, weren't you?"

Although Jiang Sese only joined the company a few months ago, her fellow coworkers already liked her due to her pleasant personality. Han Jing, on the other hand, struck them as proud and arrogant. Now, everyone chose to believe Jiang Sese.

Hearing those words, Han Jing gritted her teeth in frustration. She could only turn to Su Shan, looking aggrieved.

"Manager Su, I'm telling the truth. Jiang Sese picked on me."

Su Shan's face darkened. She then turned to her assistant. "Get me the surveillance footage."

There was a surveillance camera just outside the break room, which Han Jing had forgotten all about. She blanched when she heard Su Shan's order and wanted to stop her, but there was nothing she
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