Chapter 181 I Know All about Your Past

Jiang Sese stared at her phone, lost in thought, until Xiaobao's voice woke her up.

"Aunt Sese, what are you doing?"

Only then did Jiang Sese come back to her senses. She turned around and smiled at Xiaobao. "Xiaobao, we're running out of some condiments and I forgot to buy them just now. Can you be a good boy and wait here? I'll be back in a minute."

Xiaobao nodded obediently.

"No problem. Go ahead, Aunt Sese!"

After making sure Xiaobao was all right, Jiang Sese locked the door and went downstairs.

She couldn't help wondering how Su Qingyin found out where she lived. On second thought, she realized that Su Qingyin must have run a thorough investigation on her. "After all, she loves Jin Fengchen so much."

Jiang Sese spotted Su Qingyin at the entrance of her residential area. The woman wore a pale blue dress and held the latest LV handbag in one hand. She couldn't look more graceful and elegant.

Jiang Sese went up to Su Qingyin and greeted her in an indifferent manner.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow i really like ber but she is so indecisive. One day she decides to go all out and be happy then the next day she retreats. Ur past ks like a stinking garbage, no matter how much u hide it, people will smell it. Honestly i bought coins bec the first chaps were good. But until this chapter, they are still walking on egg shells. Its like im back to reading chapter 30. No development at all that the story becomes an endless cycle. She is bullied, he saves her, she indulge s him, he pursues her, her past catches up on her, she wants to sever all ties. I bet the same cycle will be read rven if the chap is 300. This types of cliches can only be used once. Use it again and again and people will get bored. Like me and the readers who is clearly disappointed base on their comments.
goodnovel comment avatar
Paridhana Sharma
pla updatw the new chapters and also let us know the no of chapters in thie novel.... keeping wait ur readers will surely increase the loss of interest bin reading ur book n this application... kindly improve your application as well.
goodnovel comment avatar
how many chapter will this story have?

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