Chapter 197 Do You Know What She Has Done?

Jiang Sese finally recovered moments later, and her tears ceased as well.

Jin Fengchen let out a sigh. He could only helplessly remind her, "Nothing is going on between Su Qingyin and me. I didn't accompany her on a pre-pregnancy checkup or whatever. I only took her to the hospital because her cousin was having a miscarriage."

He never thought that Jiang Sese had so coincidentally seen them together. He loved her dearly, so why would he have a child with another woman...

Jiang Sese didn't respond. "Let's go back. We've been out here for a long time," she said flatly.

He pursed his lips. He still had things to tell her, but she was already walking away. So, he buried all the words he wanted to say and caught up with her.

Xiaobao ran over the moment he saw them. When he saw her reddened eyes, he asked, "What's wrong, Aunt Sese? Did Daddy bully you?"

He looked at his father with a guarded look on his face. "What if Daddy bullies Aunt Sese… It's not like I can beat up Daddy to avenge
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