Chapter 2 Reincarnation Is a Life Skill

Five years later...

At the Planning Department, Zhuoyue Creative Agency...

10 in the morning was one of the busiest hours of the day, and yet a crowd had gathered to discuss something with enthusiasm.

The little prince of the Jin Group was going to celebrate his fifth birthday soon. The patriarch of the family and his wife were known to spoil him. Every year, they would rack their brains to find the best event agency to throw the most majestic birthday celebration for him.

This year, naturally, was no exception.

Many event agencies were fighting tooth and nail to land the project.

No one would have guessed that heaven had somehow bestowed the chance to the Zhuoyue Agency.

"Strange, isn't it? The Jin Group has only ever worked with major agencies. Why did they choose us this year? Even though we're pretty famous in the industry, it's not enough to draw their attraction, don't you think?"

"I heard that the little prince's grandfathers let him choose. Somehow, he picked us."

"This is good news for us, isn't it? It's everyone's dream to work with the Jin Group. If we do well, our bonuses might even double. Oh, and I heard that the agency responsible for the celebration last year, Dongchen Creatives, paid millions in bonus alone. How generous!"

"So what? The little prince received a luxurious yacht for a present on his first birthday, a personal jet for his second birthday, and a luxurious, ancient castle in France for his third birthday, and 20% of the Jin Group's shares for his fourth birthday. He's worth several billion now, all right?"

"Enough. Such a glorious life is simply mad, I tell you. I'm not at all envious!"

"We aren't even qualified to feel envy. Mortals like us should just focus on work. After all, reincarnation is a life skill…"


Jiang Sese was a little out of it as she listened to the discussion around her, her mouth forming a faint, mocking smile.

Reincarnation was indeed a life skill.

Someone like her was unlikely to ever have any connection with such affluent people.

It was one thing to be thrown out of her home, but misfortune simply followed her everywhere.

All that money was gone now, and yet her mother was still in a coma… She also never saw that child again.

Now that she thought about it, that child had to be five years old now, the same age as the little prince of the Jin Group.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

That child… continued to be the source of her deepest regret and pain.

"Is he doing well?"

Jiang Sese sniffled, suppressing the urge to cry.

Suddenly, a harsh rebuke reached her ears. "Jiang Sese, why is it taking you so long to photocopy a document? How did you even get hired when you're so bad at work?"

It was the Head of the Planning Department, Yan Yifei.

Jiang Sese graduated this year and this was her second month interning here. Yan Yifei's younger sister was also present on the day of the interview. It was said that Yan Yifei had reserved a position for her sister, only for Jiang Sese to be chosen for the spot.

Since then, she would find all sorts of ways to torment Jiang Sese.

Her arrogance knew no bounds.

However, no one dared to say a word because she was the head of the department. The rest pretended not to see this.

Resentment flickered in Jiang Sese's eyes. Even so, she swiftly grabbed the documents and walked over to Yan Yifei. "They're ready."

Little did she imagine that the moment she went near Yan Yifei, the latter would throw her cup of coffee on the floor. Yan Yifei said furiously, "Are you blind? Why didn't you watch where you're going? Clean up the mess right now."

Jiang Sese frowned.

She had not even touched Yan Yifei.

It was obvious that Yan Yifei was trying to frame her.

"I didn't touch the cup," Jiang Sese replied calmly.

Yan Yifei was so enraged that her pretty face warped to form an unkind expression. "Jiang Sese, you don't want to keep your job, do you? If you don't, then scram! People are lining up to fill your position."

Jiang Sese clenched her teeth as she tried to be patient.

Of course she wanted this job. Why would she have been so patient for this long otherwise?

She had to cover her mother's monthly hospitalization fee. During her university years, she had to work several jobs to barely sustain her life. Her current pay was generous, so she didn't want to lose her job.

However, Yan Yifei was too much!

Even her colleagues couldn't quite stand it anymore.

After all, Jiang Sese was beautiful and intelligent. Her personality was also very likable. Her relationship with other colleagues tended to be amicable as well.

However, not only was Yan Yifei their department head, but she was also a capable woman who received the agency's favor. No one dared to say a word.

Yan Yifei was smug because she was so sure about this. "Since you want this job, then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and clean! Remember: Use. Your. Hands!"

Jiang Sese clenched her fists. Ultimately, she chose to keep the peace. She turned around to get the cleaning supplies.


Right then, a soft voice came from outside the door.

Everyone turned to look. What they saw was a tender and adorable boy dressed in a tiny suit swaggering in with his chubby legs.

His facial features were delicate and his skin was so fair that it looked powdery. His beautiful eyes were large, dark, and spirited like black gems, and their outer corners were ever so slightly upturned. It was evident to everyone what a devastating beauty he would be when he grew up.

His aura of dignity and elegance was undeniable.

Behind the little guy was a row of attention-grabbing bodyguards, all of them wearing solemn expressions and carrying a deferential demeanor.

Everyone's attention was on the pretty boy. They were all confused as to whose child it was. How soft! How cute! They wanted to kidnap him and take him home.

Without looking around, the pretty boy walked up to Jiang Sese and Yan Yifei.

He raised his little head to glare at Yan Yifei. The iciness and power in his eyes were indescribable.

Then, he looked at Jiang Sese. His gaze turned deeply inquisitive as he sized her up.
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