Adorable Baby at the Door: Mommy, Please Sign
Adorable Baby at the Door: Mommy, Please Sign
Author: Ye Zhen

Chapter 1 Child

Inside the best gynecology and obstetrics department of the most prestigious hospital in Jin City...

Jiang Sese gritted her teeth as she endured the acute labor pain in her abdomen. Breaking out in a cold sweat all over, she clutched the guardrails on both sides of the bed so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

Seeing this, the obstetrician gently comforted her. “Don’t be scared. The child will be born safe and sound. Everything will soon pass.”

Jiang Sese nodded, the rims of her eyes tinged red. She was full of reluctance.

Her child would be taken away right after she gave birth.

For nine months , she had watched the little creature grow little by little in her womb. Despite trying her best not to form an emotional connection with the baby, her heart nonetheless still ached at this moment.

She was sorry, so sorry...

Her eyes reddened.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want this child, but rather, she couldn’t have it.

After giving birth and taking the money, she would no longer have anything to do with her baby.

Pain shot up to her brain again and her vision darkened. Waves of regret swept over her.

She didn’t want the money anymore, just the child. Just the child...

No one could hear her silent cry for help. After the obstetrician gave her a shot of anesthetic, she gradually lost consciousness until complete darkness enveloped her. Then, she lost all sense of perception...

An hour later, Jiang Sese woke up inside a hospital ward.

She was all alone. The entire ward was empty, save for the check on the bedhead. The check was for one million yuan, not one cent more or less!

Jiang Sese felt like someone had carved a huge chunk out of her heart.

She subconsciously reached for her flattened stomach. Tears began streaming down her face...

In the future, there would no longer be a mischievous creature moving about in her womb.

She didn’t even get to take a look at her baby!

Thinking about she would never see her child again, she cried even harder.

Before she could audibly sob, someone pushed the ward door open.

Jiang Sese looked at the door and saw an arrogant Jiang Nuannuan taking large strides into the ward in her high heels.

For a moment, she didn’t know what to do. She subconsciously tried to sit up, as difficult as it was, but a piercing pain soon came from her abdomen.

Anyone who was just wounded during the labor process would be incapable of such a rough motion. She tumbled back onto the bed, her face a frightening shade of white.

Jiang Nuannuan towered over the bed, sizing her up with a disdainful look. “I knew it was you, Jiang Sese!”

“Why are you here?”

Jiang Sese was just as furious as she was startled. Her eyes were filled with indescribable hatred and resentment.

Jiang Nuannuan paid her no mind as if she were used to such a response. She had the smile of a victor. “Sichen and I are getting engaged soon. I’m here for a premarital check-up… I just didn’t think I’d see you here. Jiang Sese, oh, Jiang Sese. How the mighty have fallen! For the sake of money, you have no qualms about selling out your body and giving birth to another man’s child.”

“Shut up!”

Enraged, Jiang Sese grabbed whatever there was on her bedside table and started flinging them at Jiang Nuannuan.

She exhausted every last sliver of energy in her as if she despised this woman.

Her movements aggravated her wound and hurt her so much that she almost blacked out.

Jiang Nuannuan easily evaded her attack, her smile turning even smugger. “You must be furious because I’m right on the mark. What if I told you that one year ago, I was the one who removed your mother’s oxygen mask? What if I told you that I was the one who took the money that Dad prepared for her medical fees? I’d even tell you that I was the one who told Brother Sichen about you giving birth. Wouldn’t that infuriate you to death?”

Jiang Sese was in utter disbelief after hearing all of that.

She was already hurt after losing her child. Now that she had learned the truth, she felt such mental torment that she was about to go mad. Even her emotions were going haywire, so much so that she was becoming hysterical.

“Why, Jiang Nuannuan? I have never wronged you! Why must you do this to me? You wicked woman… You won’t be at peace even if you die! Never at peace!”

Jiang Nuanuan was very pleased by her reaction. Her expression, however, turned solemn. “Why, you ask? To ruin you, of course! You haven’t wronged me, that much is true. But your existence is an obstacle to me…”

She continued, “We’re both daughters of the Jiang family, but why are you the princess and I’m the illegitimate daughter? Everything that happened—every incident, every remark—is a debt that I’ll claim from you. I have won it at all now… Be it Dad, the Jiang family fortune, even Brother Sichen... They’re all mine now. And you’re just a child abandoned by our family! Hahaha!”

Jiang Sese could hear Jiang Nuanuan’s self-satisfied laughter ringing in her ears. Every sound was like a dagger that ripped open her bloody scars.

Jiang Sese recalled what had happened a year ago...

Her mother had been fine lying on the hospital bed, but her condition abruptly took a turn for the worse. She had gone to her father, wanting some money to save her mother, yet she couldn’t even get a single cent from him.

It was also then that she learned that her childhood friend and fiance, Lan Sichen, was having an affair with Jiang Nuannuan.

Her heart went cold then. Desperate to save her mother, she was forced to go down this path.

Little did she imagine that everything was part of Jiang Nuannuan’s scheme.

After that day, she was thrown out of the Jiang residence.

Jiang Sese could clearly remember how indifferent her father looked when he told her: “After you leave, don’t ever mention that you’re from the Jiang family, lest you make a fool of yourself.”

Her fiance was even crueler, criticizing her with a disdainful look on his face. “Jiang Sese, how can you do something so disgusting?”

These memories stirred an already weak Jiang Sese.

Her lips turned pale. The interweaving pain and resentment made her feel like she was submerged under waves of water. Until… she sank into the boundless darkness.
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