Chapter 209 Where Did This Bastard Child Come From?

Once they were ready, the Jin Family's chauffeur drove them to the mall. Xiaobao was practically jumping with excitement, as this was his first time shopping with Jiang Sese.

"Aunt Sese, is there anything that you want to buy?"

Jiang Sese thought about it, but couldn't come up with anything.

"What about you, Xiaobao? Do you want anything?" she asked, smiling.

"I want to buy many pretty clothes and tasty food for you."

The little boy spoke so earnestly that Jiang Sese laughed. She grabbed his hand and walked into the mall.

The two of them walked around aimlessly until Xiaobao came to a sudden stop. Jiang Sese followed his line of sight and saw a parent-and-child matching outfit displayed in the store window.

She stopped to stare as well. Xiaobao tugged on her hand and asked cheerfully, "Aunt Sese, why don't we get matching parent-and-child clothes?"

Only family members would wear matching parent-and-child clothing, so his request caught Jiang Sese off guard. She didn't reject hi
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Fananda Lubeck
why the hel won't you people lid with the book is incomplete before we pay for it.
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dear author.. can you please update at least 5 chapters per day.. ?
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Rashmi P R
how many times the same scenario? also waiting kills. u might lose ur readers.

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