Chapter 213 Provoked by the One He Loves

Jiang Sese was embarrassed by Jin Fengyao's addressing her as "Sister-in-law".

"But I can't just live here. It's not appropriate..."

"What's not appropriate? It's only a matter of time before you marry my brother, then you'll have to move in eventually."

Xiaobao nodded. "Aunt Sese, my uncle is right."

Hearing that, Jiang Sese almost choked. "Marry his brother? Where did he even get that idea from?!" In the end, she could only turn to Jin Fengchen for help.

Pursing his lips, Jin Fengchen said, "Fengyao and Xiaobao are right." He had worked so hard to get Jiang Sese to move in with him. The last thing he wanted was to let her go that easily.

Right now, Jiang Sese felt like she had walked into a wolf's den and said nothing after that. Maybe deep down, she didn't want to leave either.

After dinner, they sat down on the sofa and chatted for a while. Jiang Sese then took Xiaobao away to run him a bath.

Since Jiang Sese wasn't going to move out, the little guy looked happier than ever
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Rose SB
Exactly when does this story come to a conclusion? Too many chapters makes the story become boring!
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Vonna Riasari
Last chapter? And it’s 100%? The story is not even close to finish?
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Let me finish this novel. It said that chapter 213 is the last page but it seems not because it's just 96.48%. It' a nice story.

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