Chapter 208 Can't Help Bedding Her

The car stopped outside the villa. Jiang Sese said at once, "Weren't you taking me home? Why are we at your home?"

Before Jin Fengchen could answer, Xiaobao replied, "Aunt Sese, isn't Daddy's home yours too?"

"Xiaobao is right," Jin Fengchen said in agreement.

Jiang Sese's face instantly turned red. "Doesn't that imply that we're a family?

"Wait, no, what the heck!"

She coughed once and said, "No, wait, you should take me home!"

It didn't feel right to stay at Jin Fengchen's place. They might have made huge progress in their relationship recently, but still...

"Nope. I'm partially to blame for your injuries. You haven't even recovered yet. Xiaobao and I won't feel at ease leaving you alone," Jin Fengchen said, refuting her words.

"That's right! Just stay here, Aunt Sese! That way, we can take good care of you! Just stay here for a bit. You can leave once you recover."


"No more buts. Even if you didn't come here, Xiaobao and I would still stay with you at your place."

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