Chapter 210 Who Dares?

Right then, a man appeared just in time to catch Han Jing. He looked at everyone on the scene and asked, "What's going on?"

The man was dressed in a black suit. Like Han Jing, he looked like he was 27 or 28.

The moment Han Jing saw him, she leaned into his embrace pitifully. "A'Ning, I came here to get you a necktie but I ran into a former coworker. Not only did she snatch what I wanted, but she even hit me… Please get someone to throw her out of the mall immediately!"

The man called A'Ning flew into a rage. He called for the security guards and said furiously, "Guards, throw this mother-and-son pair out!"

A smug smile crossed Han Jing's face. She might have been fired, but she managed to snag this man, who doted on her in every way possible. So what if she was fired? She didn't have to worry about food or clothes now. Her life couldn't get any better.

A'Ning was the President of the Ning Group as well as one of the shareholders of this mall.

Han Jing had been unhappy for a long
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