Chapter 216 Doesn't Deserve to Be Happy

"Miss Jiang, nice to meet you. I'm Li An, the one who used your surrogate service six years ago," said Li An in an unperturbed voice. His face showed no discernible emotions.

However, Jiang Sese blanched when she heard those words. She had been holding her phone in one hand, but it dropped to the ground with a cracking sound. She stared at Li An in disbelief.

The man who she worked for six years ago as a surrogate mother had found her. "Why is he here now? What does he want?"

Somehow, Jiang Sese grew even more uneasy. Her heart was thumping violently and she couldn't calm herself down no matter what.

Li An picked Jiang Sese's phone up for her, and then said apologetically, "Miss Jiang, I'm so sorry for intruding into your life like this. Do you have a minute? Let's find a place to sit down. I need to talk to you."

Jiang Sese came back to herself and agreed.

The two of them then found a place to sit down, and by then, Jiang Sese was able to think straight again. She began to wonde
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Do some DNA jiang sese don’t just believe with that Li an man???

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