Chapter 220 Mystery Uncovered

The following day, the people Jin Fengyao had hired found out everything about this Li An.

In the office, Jin Fengyao was reporting to his brother.

"Brother, that Li An is just an ordinary guy. He works in a small firm and has a child of five. He and his wife divorced a few years ago. My sister-in-law didn't know him before, but for some unknown reason, his recent information has been cleaned off his record."

Without Jin Fengyao's connections, it would have taken even longer to find out who this Li An was.

"More importantly, Brother, you know what? I ran into my sister-in-law at a restaurant last night and she was meeting that man. Li Xuan, that man's kid, called her 'Mommy'."

The look on Jin Fengchen's face changed when he heard that.

"Brother, that's so strange, right? What should we do now?"

"Bring Li An here," said Jin Fengchen directly.

Since Jiang Sese wouldn't tell him everything, he had to work on Li An.

Jin Fengyao thought the same, which was why he had Li An followed
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