Chapter 234 Stand up for That Indiscreet Woman

After finishing her shower, Jiang Sese came out in a nightgown. However, Xiaobao commented sarcastically like a little grown-up. "Aunt Sese, your nightgown is way too conservative."

"Xiaobao, what are you talking about?" Seeing that Jin Fengchen wouldn't peel his eyes off her, Jiang Sese felt the temperature of her cheeks rising.

She sat down next to Xiaobao. Since it was getting late and Xiaobao still had to go to school the following day, she asked, "When are you going back?"

Xiaobao wrapped his arms around her legs right away and cried out, "Aunt Sese, I want to sleep in your bed!"

She could only turn to Jin Fengchen with a look of resignation. To her surprise, he chimed in. "I'm staying here tonight, too."

Still worried that Mrs. Jin would be more displeased if he stayed, she said once more, "I think you should go back. Otherwise..."

Jin Fengchen understood her concern before she could finish. Taking her hand, he comforted her. "Don't worry about it. Have some faith in me. I'
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