Chapter 240 Prove Her Own Innocence

Upon hearing that, Su Qingyin couldn't help panicking a little.

How was she supposed to know what the idea behind this marketing plan was?

Luckily, she had done her share of homework, just to be safe.

Not only did she study this plan carefully, but she had also altered it slightly.

Su Qingyin forced herself to calm down, then she turned her gaze to Kevin. "As a matter of fact, I was surprised when I found out that you have a perfume line."

Kevin looked at Su Qingyin, not surprised by what she said. It was true. A lot of people out there had thought wrongly that Eisley's perfume was derived from its cosmetic products.

Hence, he didn't interrupt her.

Su Qingyin smiled at Jiang Sese in a complacent manner, and then went on. "Eisley's cosmetic products have already gained a reputation, but their perfume is far less known. It does have a considerable customer base, though. I believe that the promotion of the cosmetics will increase the sales of the perfume, too."

"Are you done?" Jia
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