Chapter 237 The Neglected Daddy

"Shush! Stop it! She may hear you!" But that person went on cursing without stop.

Although she had spoken what was in their minds, someone still warned her out of kindness.

"What are you afraid of? She can humiliate us publicly but we can't even speak up now?"

Su Qingyin just happened to come over to the marketing department at that moment. Her face darkened when she heard their complaints. She quickly walked toward them.

"You're not paid high salaries by the company to have tea parties." She wondered if these people were really trying to get themselves fired.

Those in the marketing department had had enough of her ill temper and some of them wanted to quit their job right then and there.

Someone in the secretary's office informed Mr. Su right away.

Mr. Su was already on his way over, thinking that he could ask about the progress of the task. He hadn't expected that something like this was going to happen.

He entered the office with a solemn look on his face, and everyone in th
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Pushpa Wood
Shall we all ask for our money back!!!
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Rashmi P R
that's what will's getting irritating. .again and again the same thing......I am fed up of this novel. not worth the money I spent so far...
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Please tell me how to read the rest of the story

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