Chapter 255 Bitterness

There was dark determination in Jin Fengchen's eyes. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he wouldn't do anything that put himself and the company in jeopardy.

He didn't want his father to worry so he said with a relaxed tone, "Of course."

Father Jin no longer worried after the conversation with Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen could sometimes seem to be a vigorous person who made rash decisions. But the truth was that he knew the boundaries very well. The timing and the way he maneuvered things were advanced.

The reason why Father Jin had handed the group to his son was that he was well aware of what Jin Fengchen was capable of.

After he hung up the phone, Father Jin called Father Su to tell him that he didn't know what was going on.

Father Su hung up the phone furiously.

Then he called Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen answered the call this time.

Father Su's emotions were still controlled by anger so he asked in a grilling way, "Jin Fengchen, what on earth is on your mind? Why do you
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thank you though for updating 4 chapters.. ?
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i also hope least once a week you will update 20 chapters..
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dear author.. can you please fast forward with the plot of story.. like hope that mother of jin will starting to like sese.. and that hopefully some glimpse for the character to know if xiabao is the son of sese.. can you please refrain from having an accident always..

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