Chapter 258 The Past Is Exposed

Jiang Sese couldn't help thinking of that romantic thing they did. A suspicious scarlet cloud was floating on her cheeks.

"Should I do that?"

Just when Jiang Sese was hesitating, a deep voice was heard.


"Daddy," Xiaobao screamed with happiness.

Jiang Sese turned her head to see that he had already walked up close to her. He lowered his body to plant a kiss on her forehead. He then looked at her with happiness in his eyes. "Morning, Sese."

It felt as if her forehead was being burned by something hot. Jiang Sese lowered her head to hide the blush on her light-skinned face.

That kiss was so spontaneous that it felt like they had been married for years.


Jiang Sese's voice was low but she was still shy. She couldn't act as natural as she did with Xiaobao.

Jin Fengchen didn't read too much into it. He believed that she would get used to it.

"What do you think of this breakfast?" Jin Fengchen asked.

There was enough food for breakfast to fill the whole table.
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what g happen to chapter 257 all of asudden its 256 an dthen 258

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