Chapter 256 The Apology

Because of her pride, Su Qingyin carried on for another two days without making up her mind to apologize.

But as she was doing that, the Su Group was on the verge of bankruptcy.

She was afraid and couldn't imagine what it would be like if the Su Group really went bankrupt.

She became afraid of the unknown enough for her to swallow her pride and contact Jin Fengchen.

She wanted to meet him somewhere to her liking, but Jin Fengchen refused at once.

She had no other choice but to lose face and go to the Jin Group.

The guards in the hall of the Jin Group stopped Su Qingyin when she made her way to the elevator.

"What do you think you're doing? Don't you know who I am?" Su Qingyin stared at them. "How dare you?"

The guards looked at each other and asked with a tough stance, "Miss Su, do you have an appointment with Mr. Jin?"

Su Qingyin shook her head. "Are you kidding me? Do I need an appointment to see Jin Fengchen?"

One of the guards said, "Then I'm sorry. Miss Su, we can't let
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Rose SB
It''s really becoming costly to read one book. Since I'm vested, I'll finish. But never again will I start an ongoing book!

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