Chapter 262 Don't Want to Face Him

After getting back home, Jin Fengchen went upstairs, but he didn't find Jiang Sese in her room.

And she wasn't in the study either.

He searched all the rooms, but Jiang Sese was nowhere to be found.

Flustered, he went downstairs in a hurry, found the steward, and asked, "Uncle Zhang, where's Sese?"

"Miss Jiang has gone out. She said that she had some errands to run."

"Gone out?"

Frowning, Jin Fengchen scolded him. "Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on her and make sure she gets good rest?"

Seeing that he was mad, the steward explained, saying, "I tried to stop Miss Jiang, but she left so fast that there was nothing I could do."

Judging by the way the steward put it, she had to have left in a hurry.

It had to be about the post.

From what he knew about her, he was sure that she would choose to hide from him again.

No! He wouldn't let her do that.

Jin Fengchen dialed Jiang Sese's number. It went through this time, but was hung up after a few rings.

He called again, but got cut
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