Chapter 261 Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Other people would probably have believed her.

But Lu Zheng had known her for quite a few years and could easily recognize the bitterness in her smile.

But since she didn't want to elaborate, he didn't ask.

"Meeting by chance is always more pleasant than a planned rendezvous! Since we've run into each other, let me join you." Raising his glass, Lu Zheng smiled at her mildly.

In fact, he was staying behind because he worried about her safety if she was left here alone at the bar.

Jiang Sese only smiled, but didn't say a word.


After hesitating for an entire afternoon, Jin Fengyao finally decided to tell his brother about everything.

After all, it would determine his brother's happiness for the rest of his life, and he had the right to know the truth.

If Jin Fengchen were to break up with Jiang Sese because of this, he would probably only be trying to cut his losses before it was too late.

After making up his mind, Jin Fengyao went to talk to Jin Fengchen.

"Brother, I need
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Irene Seah
This does not make sense. Didn't they already guessed it when they caught the guy who pretended to use Sese surrogate service earlier??

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